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Canadian Bison
The Red Meat with a Difference

In stark contrast to the rugged image of the Canadian bison with its thick coat of fur, roaming wild on the prairie,
the meat has become a gourmet treat, enjoyed by the most sophisticated palates, and recognized for being as delicious as it is healthy. A lean, red meat, bison has a rich, distinctive flavor, and a sizzling bison streak or a
juicy bison roast is a culinary experience not to be missed.

From Ancient to Modern
Bison were once a staple in the diet of North America's pre-Columbian inhabitants. But the animals near
extinction in the nineteenth century, and the slowness with which the population has been rebuilt, means the
bison industry of the 21 st century is very new. As a result, Canada's bison producers are working hard to
familiarize domestic and international consumers with what they have to offer.

Bison is valued for the gourmet quality of it's meat, but almost every part of the animal has a use. Hide
becomes leather, while the horns, bones and teeth become a medium for traditional First Nations carvers and
bead-makers. The wool, which the animals grow for winter and shed in the spring, can be spun into
high quality fiber.

Canada's bison industry is growing rapidly because of increased consumer demand for specialty meats. it's
especially attractive to health conscious diners because the eat is nutritionally dense, but it is lower in fat,
calories and cholesterol than beef or pork. Even better, Canadian bison are raised as naturally as possible,
and are fed almost completely on pasture and hay.

Sustainable and Safe
Raising bison has another great advantage, it is sustainable. Nearly all the animals' nutritional needs can be met
by grazing on perennial grasses that grow naturally across Canada. Agriculture inputs are therefor very small,
and the herds themselves have a minimal effect on the natural environment.

Canadian bison meat producers also offer high quality and safety standards. The bison industry is a closely
regulated by the federal government's Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The industry has also established the Canadian Bison Identification Program, a trace back system to control and eradicate disease, and work is
underway to  development the Canadian Quality Bison Program to ensure it's farm practices meet Canada's
rigorous food-safety standards.

Taste the Canadian Difference
Healthy. lean and delicious, Canadian bison will suit the most discriminating palate.

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