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All our feeders are manufactured from prime 14 gauge steel and acid washed.

10 Ft. 100 bushel creep feeder shown
 with panels in feeding position.

Our four sided feeder is designed
 primarily for buffalo. But due to the versatility of this feeder it is also
used for horses and cattle

10 Ft. 330 Ft. bushel creep feeder
shown with panels in feeding position.
Has standard sliding filling lid.
Shown with optional rain extensions.

The Cypress Industries bunk feeder is available in either 12 or 14 gauge steel..
 They come with pre-drilled drain
holes at each end.

Our 8 ft. 60 bushel creep feeder sits on
2 in. and 4 in. skids. It feeds on 1 side
 and has a fold up panel.

The Elk feeder has a capacity of approximately 320 bushels. The
undercarriage consists of a 10,000 lb.
 axle and sits on 11L15 tires.


We have  three standard models of
Hog Feeders. All feeders have an
 interior cone and are recommended
 for bio-techs.

Our Stationary Feeders are maintenance free. They are waterproof, rodent proof
and the all steel 14 gauge construction makes it a very durable feeder. 

The Texas Quad gate conveniently
allows you to check your herd
without opening any gates.

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