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All Cypress feeders are manufactured from prime 14 gauge steel and acid washed.

Bunk Feeder

The Cypress Industries bunk feeder is available in either 12 or

14 gauge steel. They come with pre-drilled drain holes at each end. Our sturdy legs are formed from 1.25” square tubing; standard size is 10ft long X 29” wide and 28” high. They are

 made stackable for convenient storage and for transporting.

They are acid washed and powder coated for extreme durability.


Hog Feeder

We have 3 standard models of hog feeders. The 6ft X 10ft feeder feeds on 2 sides for a total of 20ft of eating room with 3 ½ tons of capacity. The 8ft X 8ft feeder feeds on all 4 sides for a total
eating room of 32ft with 4 ½ tons of capacity. The 10ft X 10ft feeder feeds on all 4 sides for a total eating room of 40ft with 7 tons of capacity. All hog feeders have an interior cone and are recommended for bio-techs. The mangers have feed openings that are adjustable from 0-4” with stainless steel hardware. Grating is installed every 9” to help keep the hogs from rooting the feed out and from climbing in the manger. Lids and rain extensions are available.


Bison Feeder

Our four sided bison feeder is designed primarily for buffalo. But due to the versatility of the feeder, it’s also used for horses and cattle. The open corners allow for peripheral vision so the animal does not feel confined. The hitch is removable and the swing up ladder creates a complete bump free zone. The headroom in the manger is wide enough for a bison head at 22+ inches. The feed openings are adjustable from 0-7” and has stabilizing jack stands front and back. The catwalk around the feeder protects the manger from moisture and allows easy access to the full size
door for convenient filling. The durable feeder sits on a 10,000 lb axle and has new 12.5L16 implement tires for trouble free moving. The bison feeder also holds approximately 300 bushels.

Stationary Feeder

Our stationary feeders are waterproof, rodent proof and the all steel construction makes it a very durable feeder. The rugged construction allows this feeder to be used by bulls, horses and bison. Outside steps, internal ladder, handrails and a meshed catwalk over a tapered eve are standard. They also are 11ft
wide to allow larger rain eves for superior feed protection. The feeder has large filling doors that are spring loaded for safety
and ease of opening. With easily adjustable feed openings from 0-7” complete with stainless steel hardware. Standard sizes are: 10ft - 400 Model, 15ft - 600 Model, 20ft - 800 Model and 30ft - 1200 Model.
* Model number represents approximate bushel capacity depending on feed product.

Creep Feeders

15 ft model-495 - With Optional Front Axle.

10 ft model-330 - In Transport position.

10 ft model-100 - In Feeding position.

10 ft model-100 - In (partial) Feeding position.

10ft model-100 - In Transport position.

Creep Feeders

The large weatherproof standard sliding filling lid is designed so you can fill the feeder with panels in transport position. Our creep feeders have several convenient features including stabilizing jacks front and back, a 5000 lb top wind screw jack, stainless steel hardware on all adjustable feed openings and a peaked floor for complete clean out of feed. Sturdy steps allow you to climb the feeder and there is an ideal location for the mineral feeder on the rear. The model-100 design provides superior feed protection of the mangers from the elements and is powder coated. They sit on an 8000 lb axle and have 11L15-implement tires.

10 ft portable feeders available in model-100, model-250 and model-330.

15 ft models in model-375 and model-495 and are easily towed by your truck.

Our 8 ft model-60 creep feeder sits on a 2” X 4” steel skid. It feeds on one side and has a fold up panel.
Acid washed and powder coated.

* Model number represents approximate bushel capacity depending on feed product.


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