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Quill Creek Ranch and Sage Hill Ranch are owned and operated
by Doug and Anna Griller and Blair and Jodi Griller.

The Griller family has been in the livestock business since Doug’s grandfather immigrated
to Canada in the early 1900's. In 1996 we diversified into Bison. We have 5 different
 locations, the Quill Creek herd, Ponas Lake herd, Sage Hill herd, and recently we added
a Manitoba partner and a registered wood herd out of Albert

Diversity in the industry gives us the ability to respond to industry needs. We are
vertically integrated, from growing our own feed, to maintaining genetically diverse
cow/bull groups, to providing finished harvest bison for the North American Bison LLC,
as well as our own local chefs.

Doug and Anna Griller

Doug and Blair Griller

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